21 or Blackjack – Its History

Did you know that blackjack or 21 originated in France in the 18th century and was known as ‘vingt-et-un’ which is the French for twenty one? It got its name of ‘blackjack’ when it was brought to the States in the 1800s and casino owners offered a 10:1 payout for the players who made a natural 21 with the use of J of spades or of clubs.

In the 1920s, the game was banned along with other gambling games and was mostly played in underground environments. But once the casino chains have developed in Nevada, a few decades later, blackjack started to gain popularity with many gambling tables. Its popularity reached peak moments that even strategy on wining books have been published to help gamblers increase their chances of winning at a blackjack table. With the online version of this game, today you can even find software to help you learn this game while staying more on the winner’s side.

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