A Few Facts on Blackjack Card Counters

There is one thing that you need to know when it comes to card counters involved in blackjack gambling: automatic shuffling will make these devices impossible to use. For this fact, casino houses have introduced this method to eliminate the possibility of having the cards counted when gambling at blackjack games. More than this, you will hear that various casino places such as Las Vegas and other locations have introduced cameras to keep track of players’ skills. Others will make use of magnetized chips to track the strategies that players are implementing into their gambling process.

There is a gambling control agency established in Nevada that ensures that both the rights of the players and casino houses are protected. This agency has decided that casino houses shouldn’t alter the games in such a way that the frequency of payouts got changed. This is the moment where several casino houses established in Nevada have started to train their dealers to shuffle the cards and count them as they please. Other casino houses have gone that far that they keep photos and names of blackjack card counters information to keep them as such out of the game.

You should understand that these casino houses have supporters in the form of large corporations that have a lot of influence both political and monetary. Nobody knows for sure how the card counter issue will end up but with more than 25 states offering legal blackjack games chances are for the card counters to end up with more profit possibilities than they did in the old days.

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