Common Blackjack Myths Demolished

Around blackjack gambling tables you will see many players keeping track of superstitions and various myths related to this game. If you want to increase your chances of winning more than losing, you should give credit to all these thoughts as they will only distract your focus from the process of the gaming and the gambling as well.

  • One myth goes for the following: You should stick to the goal of the game – that of obtaining 21 as the total of cards value dealt to you by the dealer and know when to hit and to stand with the hands.

Fact: The thing here is actually to make sure that with the hands you are playing you can beat the dealer regardless of the hand you receive with the cards total value. You can also beat the dealer by not busting when they bust.

  • Another myth goes for having good mathematics knowledge if you wan to win at blackjack table.

Fact: It is true that a genius in math can have better chances to win at this casino table but you do not have to be a genius to win at blackjack game. It is enough if you develop your strategy while keeping track of the basic ones that can help you improve your skills hence the winning chances.

  • All blackjack games have the same house advantage is the next myth related to this card game.

Fact: Casino house can present its own rules related to the blackjack gambling. It means that with a casino house that has a soft 17 rule the house advantage is of 0.2%. Maybe this doesn’t look too much to you, but over a longer gambling this can swing the odds into the casino house favor.

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