More about Casino and Online Blackjack – The Differences

If you haven’t yet remarked the differences between an online blackjack gambling experience and a live casino one, here they are:

  • With the online experience there is no physical feel of the game. Everything is done automatically with the click of the mouse button.
  • You have the chance to practice the game and its moves with free version of online blackjack games. This is not available with a casino table, unless you simply decide to watch others playing.
  • There is no possible way to socialise with people. You are on your own when choosing to play the online version of 21. This can give you the peace of mind and focus better on the game when you play within the comfort of your home.
  • A few online casino websites offer bonuses upon signing up with an account on their gambling site. This free money is not available in live casino except for a drink on the house.